Chinese Language

Mission Statement

Founded in 1936, UChicago Chinese language program now offers training in modern Chinese language for non-heritage students as well as for Chinese heritage students. The curriculum in non-heritage Chinese track includes courses from first year to fifth year Chinese, plus content-based courses. The curriculum for Chinese heritage learners includes courses from first to third year Chinese. In addition to courses during the regular academic year, we also provide intensive summer programs at the University’s Beijing Center and on our Hyde Park campus.

The curriculum and instruction of Chinese program aligns with American Council of Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL) guidelines and principles. The courses offered in our program not only aim to develop learners’ language proficiency, but also seek to expand their understanding of Chinese society and culture.





Study Abroad


Placement & Proficiency Tests

Tests and Assessments 


Placement Test: Please contact language center to schedule the placement test. Contact Wang Youqian Laoshi (for heritage students) and Xiang Shan Laoshi (for non-heritage students) if consultation is needed after you get placement result.  


Academic Reading Comprehension Assessment (ARCA)  


College Language Competency Assessment (CLCA) 


Foreign Language Proficiency Certificates 







Jun Yang (coordinator)  Weiboldt 301D      773-834-1713

Youqin Wang                 Classics 416         773-702-0778

Meng Li                       Gates Blake 231     773-702-2393

Yi-Lu Kuo                    Gates Blake 231     773-702-2393

Shan Xiang                 Gates Blake 230      773-834-2107

Xiaorong Wang           Gates Blake 230      773-834-2107