EALC 24625/24625 Chinese Art & Material Culture in the Field Museum Collection

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EALC 24625/24625
Katherine Tsian
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Most classes will be held in the galleries of Cyrus Tang Hall of China and the Elizabeth Hubert Malott Hall of Jades on the second floor in the Field Museum. Class attendance and participation in class discussion are mandatory. The installation introduces objects in historical and anthropological contexts in keeping with the Field Museum’s history and mission. It features objects made for and used by people of diverse social strata, geographies, and ethnicities and features particular types of materials used from the Neolithic through Early Modern periods of Chinese history. The class will examine artworks from perspectives of material culture, media, and image-making. Assigned readings will provide historical information and scholarly perspectives on objects in cultural contexts of production, function, religious worship, and burial in tombs. Students will closely study individual objects from these perspectives, discuss them with the class, and write about them, focusing on the significance of certain visual and material elements, their continuing use, and innovations and changes that occurred over time. The classes will also include meetings with curatorial and research staff members who will introduce their work on the collections—research, installation, and history of acquisitions. Visits will include access to conservation and storage areas.

ARTH 24625/34625

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W 1:30-4:20pm
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