Faculty & Staff


Marianne Tarcov


Wb 301-L
Teaching and Research Interests:

Marianne Tarcov's research interests include modern Japanese poetry, lyric studies, film and media, translation theory,  and gender and sexuality in post-3/11 security culture.

Longcan Wu

Associate Professor, Sichuan Thinkers Research Center, Yibin University.

Teaching and Research Interests:

My research interests major in Chinese philosophy, study of Confucian classics, historical philology, ethics and political philosophy. I got Ph. D under the guidance of Professor Guo Qiyong(郭齊勇)at School of Philosophy, Wuhan University with the dissertation "The Mandate of Heaven, Justice and Ethics: Study on Political Philosophy of Tung Chung-shu " in 2012, and continued my postdoctoral research at the School of History and Culture, Sichuan University under the guidance of Professor Shu Dagang(舒大剛) until 2015, specializing in Confucianism literature of Han dynasty and the Three Kingdoms. Now my studies is concerned with philosophy of Yang Xiong and Tang Junyi, Confucius’ inheritance principles to Ancient text of Six Confucian Classics etc.

Visiting Scholars and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Shaoxuan Cheng
Assistant Professor at the Paleography Center of Fudan University.

Teaching and Research Interests:

Visiting Scholar, May-August, 2017

My research interests focus on early Chinese excavated manuscripts, especially on those related to divination, hemerology, astrology, and mathematics.

Kunikazu Hattori
Associate Professor: Nihon University College of Commerce

Teaching and Research Interests:

Visiting Scholar, September, 2017 - August, 2018

Modern Japanese literature, culture, and intellectual history; novel, poetry, cinema, photograph, social movement. I received Ph.D for a study on Kenzaburo Oe (The University of Tsukuba, 2009). Recently, I am interested in Cold War culture judging from the side of Japan.

Wen Jiang
Postdoctoral Scholar

Teaching and Research Interests:

Area of Research: Chinese Paleography and Early Excavated Texts

BA: Fudan University (Chinese Linguistics), 2009

Ph.D.: Fudan University (Chinese Classics), 2016

I received my Ph.D. from the Paleography Center of Fudan University with a thesis entitled "New Readings of the Book of Odes: in Light of the Excavated Early Texts". My current research interests focus on the texts and history of early China, covering various topics, including the Shijing, weapon inscriptions, and funerary documents.