Faculty & Staff


Marianne Tarcov


Wb 301-L
Teaching and Research Interests:

Marianne Tarcov's research interests include modern Japanese poetry, lyric studies, film and media, translation theory,  and gender and sexuality in post-3/11 security culture.

Visiting Scholars and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Shaoxuan Cheng
Assistant Professor at the Paleography Center of Fudan University.

Teaching and Research Interests:

Visiting Scholar, May-August, 2017

My research interests focus on early Chinese excavated manuscripts, especially on those related to divination, hemerology, astrology, and mathematics.

Kunikazu Hattori
Associate Professor: Nihon University College of Commerce

Teaching and Research Interests:

Visiting Scholar, September, 2017 - August, 2018

Modern Japanese literature, culture, and intellectual history; novel, poetry, cinema, photograph, social movement. I received Ph.D for a study on Kenzaburo Oe (The University of Tsukuba, 2009). Recently, I am interested in Cold War culture judging from the side of Japan.

Wen Jiang
Postdoctoral Scholar

Teaching and Research Interests:

Area of Research: Chinese Paleography and Early Excavated Texts

BA: Fudan University (Chinese Linguistics), 2009

Ph.D.: Fudan University (Chinese Classics), 2016

I received my Ph.D. from the Paleography Center of Fudan University with a thesis entitled "New Readings of the Book of Odes: in Light of the Excavated Early Texts". My current research interests focus on the texts and history of early China, covering various topics, including the Shijing, weapon inscriptions, and funerary documents.