Topics in EALC: Korean Diaspora and "Homecomings" in East Asia

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EALC 10503
S. Kim
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The course examines a selection of cinematic and literary works that recount the personal and communal history of the Korean diaspora. It is a conceptual and thematic exploration of the Korean diaspora through the narratives that recount personal and communal history of Korean diaspora, from the Japanese colonial to the era of globalization in the recent decades. The objective of the course is to study the unusually complex and intricate relationships between the homeland and host countries as well as the vexed subjective belongings and longings that characterize narratives about Korean diasporic experiences. By analyzing the filmic and literary representations of and by Korean diasporic subjects in China and Japan, the class not only examines ethnic Koreans’ pressing issues in their own terms but aims to generate inter-disciplinary and intra-regional discussions on the paths that different national groups and generations have crossed towards larger collective memories of twentieth-century East Asia. No knowledge of Korean is required.

Equivalent course:  CRES 10503

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