• Michael Bourdaghs, Robert S. Ingersoll Professor in EALC, has been awarded a 2019 Guggenheim Fellowship to support work on his new book project, “From Postwar to Cold War: Japanese Culture in the Age of Three Worlds.”  For more information go to our News tab.

  • Harrie A. Vanderstappen Distinguished Service Professor Wu Hung (top row, third from left) received an honorary degree from Harvard on May 30, 2019, along with other distinguished persons.

  • Ph.D. student Aliz Horvath runs "Humanista:  The Podcast" on the role and significance of the humanities in the 21st century.  For more information go to our News tab.  You can access the podcast here.

  • 1st-year College student Lucy Li (standing, second from right) won Second Place in the 2019 Midwest University Speech Contest. 

  • University of Chicago historian and professor Judith Zeitlin (Department of East Asian Languages & Civilizations), and Beijing based composer Yao Chen collaboratively undertake the creation of an opera, with Yao composing the music, and Zeitlin writing the libretto. Entitled Ghost Village, the opera will be based on a ghost story of the same name that features in Pu Songling’s (1640-1715) masterpiece, Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio.  For more information go here.

    Pictured, Bingyi, "Sonic Painting Series (15)."

  • Four students in the College won bronze medals at the U.S. Midwest Chinese Bridge Speech Contest, which took place at Lake Forest College for 2018. They competed with students from 15 other universities in the Midwest. Pictured from left to right are Jun Yang, Director of EALC’s Chinese Language Program, and winning students Elena Jauregui, Shane Rooney, Tyler Neenan, and Antonio Del Sesto.

  • Spring 2019 Convocation, left from right: Prof. Judith Zeitlin, Will Carroll (CMS/EALC), Yuqian Yan (CMS/EALC), Boqun Zhou (EALC), Anne Feng (Art History), Prof. Paola Iovene, Tom Kelly (EALC). 

  • PhD student, Emily Yoon, has published her first poetry collection, A Cruelty Special to Our Species, to great acclaim.  Please go here for an article about Emily's achievement.

  • EALC is thrilled to announce that University Professor of Modern Chinese History, Kenneth Pomeranz, has been awarded the prestigious Dan David Prize. For more information: https://www.dandavidprize.org/

  • In June 2019, Prof. Paola Iovene and Prof. Zhang Huiyu from Peking University organized the Workshop "Cultures of Labor, Inequality, and Eviction: Migrant Workers' Literature and Media Practices in Contemporary China" at the the UChicago Center in Beijing. 

  • University of Chicago President Robert Zimmer (pictured back row, center) stopped by the Panlongcheng Archaeology Field Station during his visit to Wuhan University, Hubei, China in June, 2019. Panlongcheng is the location of the Sino-American joint archaeological project between Department of Archaeology, Wuhan University, and EALC, the University of Chicago.  EALC Associate Professor Yungti Li is pictured back row, 6th from right.  For more information go here.

  • Recent EALC College graduate Samuel Baureis has been accepted into the 2019-2020 Yenching Scholars program at Peking University. Go to our News tab for detailed information on Sam’s program of study.