Bachelor's Thesis

Students who have maintained an overall GPA of 3.25 or higher are eligible for honors. Students who do not wish to be considered for honors are not required to submit a bachelor’s thesis for graduation. However, all students are eligible to write a bachelor’s thesis upon submitting an acceptable proposal to the department. Students typically choose an adviser for their BA project in Spring Quarter of their third year. The project must be approved by both the adviser and the director of undergraduate studies early in the student’s fourth year, typically by third week of Autumn Quarter. Interested students should consult the director of undergraduate studies for details concerning the proposal.

Students may not use the optional BA paper in this major to meet the BA paper or project requirement in another major. Students who wish to discuss an exception to this policy should consult the director of undergraduate studies before the end of their third year. Consent to use a single paper or project requires the approval of both program chairs on a form available from the College adviser. To be eligible for honors, students must enroll in autumn, winter, and spring quarters of the Senior Thesis Tutorial (EALC 29500-29600-29700). Registration in the second quarter of the BA thesis seminar and continuation of the BA thesis is contingent on satisfactory performance in the first quarter of the BA thesis seminar. EALC 29500-29600-29700 may count as one credit toward the major.  Students spend autumn and winter quarters doing the bulk of the research and writing, and the BA paper is expected to be substantially complete by the end of winter quarter.  Spring quarter is reserved for final revisions. The BA paper may draw on material from other classes in the major; however, to receive credit for the Senior Thesis Tutorial and to be considered for honors, the student must write a paper that represents significant additional work. The BA paper is read by two members of the department and, if judged to be of A quality, the student is recommended for graduation with honors. Length and scope of the project should be agreed upon in consultation with the adviser. Use of original language material is desirable but not required.