Undergraduate Requirements

Students enrolled in the concentration program normally meet the College language requirement with Chinese, Japanese, or Korean; the concentration further requires a three-quarter second-year sequence in the language elected. In addition, concentrators are directed to take East Asian Civilization I, II, and III (EALC 15411-15412-15413) to meet the civilization studies requirement in general education. This sequence is cross-listed with HIST 15411-15412-15413.

A further nine courses related to East Asia are required, three of which may be either an additional year of the East Asian language to meet the concentration language requirement, or a year of a second East Asian language (neither of these two language options may be met by examination credit). A maximum of six quarters of language can count toward concentration requirements. A maximum of six approved courses taken while studying abroad may count toward concentration requirements.

Before declaring their concentration in EALC, students should fill out the appropriate online form at right.  They then should meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies (ideally before the end of their second year) to discuss their areas of interest.  The DUS for academic year 2021-2022 is Professor Paul Copp, pcopp@uchicago.edu.

Summary of requirements:

  • 3 courses in a second-year East Asian language*
  • 3 courses in the series 10500, 10600, 10700, "Topics in EALC."
  • 7 courses related to East Asia (three of which may be a further year of an East Asian language or a year of a second East Asian language**)

* Credit may be granted by examination.
** Credit may not be granted by examination.
Students must receive letter grades in all courses taken to meet requirements in the concentration.
No P/N or R grades are offered in language courses.