Japanese Language Program

Mission Statement

Through intensive and rigorous language instruction, the Japanese Program at the University of Chicago aims to build in our students a solid foundation for speaking, comprehending, reading and writing the Japanese language, and through learning the language to enhance their understanding of the Japanese people, culture, and society. These practical language skills and deep cultural understanding will empower our students to pursue their professional and academical goals after graduation.


You can view the Japanese course offerings on the EALC site courses page by searching for courses with the subject code JAPN.


We have the Japanese Language Table every Tuesday from 12:30 to 1:30 at the student lounge in Wieboldt.


  1. Learning resources
  2. Summer Programs
  3. Others

Study Abroad

Official Study Abroad Programs of the University of Chicago

  1. Kyoto Consortium for the Japanese Studies: direct enrollment. At least one year of Japanese study is required. Please contact Eric Benjaminson for further information.
  2. The Global Leadership Fellows Program (GLFP) at Waseda University: direct enrollment. No knowledge of Japanese is required. Please contact Eric Benjaminson for further information.

Grants & Scholarships

  1. CEAS (The Center for East Asian Studies)
  2. Study Abroad
    • FLAG (Foreign Language Acquisition Grant) [undergraduate]
    • SITG (Summer International Travel Grants) [undergraduate]
    • FLAS (Foreign Language Area Studies) Summer and Academic Year Fellowships [graduate]
  3. Critical Language Scholarship Program
  4. Boren Scholarship for Critical Language Study [undergraduate]
  5. Summer Language Scholarship
  6. Fulbright US Students Programs
  7. Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

Placement & Proficiency Tests

For new undergraduate students:

If you have studied Japanese before, you need to take the Placement test. Please contact Catherine Baumann.

For new graduate students: You need to contact Catherine Baumann to take the Placement test. After taking the Placement test, you will need to have an oral interview and a writing test so please contact Hoyt Long.


If you have any questions, please contact Hoyt Long.