Anthony Stott

Cohort Year: 2016
Research Interests: Japan
Education: Brown University (Comparative Literature), 2015


I am a PhD Candidate pursuing a joint degree in East Asian Languages & Civilizations and Comparative Literature. Both a Japanologist and comparatist, I specialize in the literature, media, and thought of contemporary Japan, with an emphasis on cultural and intellectual encounters that defy the disciplinary and geographical boundaries of Japan studies narrowly conceived. In particular, my work intervenes at the nexus of media history, periodical studies, and theory and criticism. My dissertation project, Formations of Critical Space: Japanese Theory, its Media History, and the Contours of Critique Beyond the Bubble, traces a genealogy of critique (hihyō) through periodicals and cognate institutions in 1980s and especially 1990s Japan.

My article “Toward an Archipelagic Reimagining of a Networked Architecture: Isozaki Arata’s Collaborative Praxis of the Lost Decade” is forthcoming in the Spring 2025 open issue of Verge: Studies in Global Asias.

I have received several grants in support of my work, including the Fulbright, Nippon Foundation, and Davis Fellows for Peace fellowships.