Danlin Zhang

Cohort Year: 2019
Research Interests: Modern Japanese Literature
Education: BA: UC Berkeley, 2018 (Japanese Language and Literature & Cognitive Science)


I am interested in early modern Japanese prose and novels, especially those produced on both the geographical and political frontiers of imperial expansion. I want to investigate the possibility of engaging the reading of early modern Japanese literature with the larger context of the modernization of East Asia and the influence of Japanese and Western imperialism by bringing in material from areas outside of mainland Japan, especially the colonies and Republican China.

I am an enthusiastic reader of both classical and modern Japanese poetry, and one of my objectives is to seek a way to understand early modern Japanese poetry in relation to traditional poetic forms, western influences and modernization.

I am also very interested in literary, social and culture theory. Thanks to my undergraduate experience as a Cognitive Science major, I am also interested in investigating the possibility of incorporating newly developed theories in modern Cognitive Science into literary theory and criticism.