Nicole Liu

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Cohort Year: 2022
Research Interests: Modern China
Education: B.A., Swarthmore College, English Literature + Chinese, 2021


Broadly speaking, I am interested in how heightened awareness of surveillance shapes the relationship contemporary Chinese writers (and artists of other media) have with their own work. I am also interested in the roles translation and the broader Chinese diaspora play in forming and facilitating these surveillance-conscious aesthetics. One of the main passions of my undergraduate studies was modern and contemporary Anglophone poetry, especially the avant garde works by Asian American poets such as Marilyn Chin, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, and Don Mee Choi.Their attention to multilingual and experimental forms inspires me to think about how artists often transform constraints into opportunities to innovate. I also explored the subversive potential of poetic details when writing my Chinese honors paper on the usage of the perfective-aspect LE (了) in Xiao Hong’s Tales of Hulan River.