Patrick Gwillim-Thomas

Research Interests: Japan, Korea, Media Studies, Web Studies
Education: BA, University of Oxford, 2022; MA, University of Goldsmiths, 2023


Broadly my research grounds the study of digital culture in Japan and Korea in an understanding of the technology of the internet. This includes understanding the affordances of internet technologies, like the Country Code Top Level Domain names (.kr, .jp), as the media of digital culture. It also includes the structuring thought of a new technological ‘internet age’ that surrounds all digital culture, which is my PhD research focus. I understand the internet’s development as accompanied by perceived social problems, perceived economic transformations, and perceived philosophical challenges (e.g. the reality of cyberspace). Locating these perceptions in Japanese and Korean academics, technicians, and policy makers, I hope to compare the two nations and, in doing so, interrogate assumptions about a global experience of the “internet age.”