Susan Dan Su

Cohort Year: 2014
Research Interests: China, Tibet
Education: BA: Lewis and Clark College (International Affairs), 2011 MA: UC Berkeley (Asian Studies), 2014


My research examines infrastructural development and the turn toward cultural governance in contemporary China, particularly as it relates to Tibetan-language cultural production. My dissertation, "Infrastructural Fairy Tales: Development and Tibetan Transmedial Interventions into China’s Cultural Heritage Regime" investigates the adoption of digital media by the Third Generation of Tibetan poets, an active and controversial writers’ group. I situate the Third Generation of Tibetan poets within the context of the sweeping socioeconomic and cultural changes brought about by the large-scale development projects under Open Up the West which channeled central state investments into the construction of transportation and communications infrastructure. 

More broadly, I am interested in media and culture in contemporary China, minority literature, digital media, cultural heritage, translation, and diaspora.