Guy S. Alitto, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in History and East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Research Interests: Modern Chinese intellectual and social history, labor history, the Chinese Communist movement.


Guy Alitto has taught in all areas of Chinese studies, including modern and classical Chinese languages and pre-modern history. Most of his courses, and all of his graduate courses, are in the area of modern Chinese history. His research in the last fifteen years has been in local histories at the village, county, and regional levels (Zouping county in Shandong, the Wanxi area of Southwestern Henan), in family history (the Liangs of Guilin), and social history (Chinese banditry 1880-1950). He is especially interested in the connections between political/social realms and the intellectual/cultural, as manifest in specific individuals and local cultures. He continues to be interested in the ongoing Chinese discussion on culture and modernization.

Selected Publications

"Ershiyi shiji de shijiewenhua hui yanhuazhi rujiahua de wenhua ma?" (Will 21st century culture evolve into a Confucianized culture?) in Dushu (Beijing 1996).

"Zhongguo wenhua xingcheng de yaosu ji qi tezheng" (The essential elements in the formation of Chinese culture and their special features) in Guo Tingyi xiansheng jiuzhi danchen jinian lunwenji (Taipei 1995).

Shijie fanweinei de fanxiandaihua sichao: lun wenhua shouchengzhiyi (Anti-modernization thought trends in a world-wide perspective: on cultural conservatism) (Guiyang: Guizhou Provincial Press 1991).

The Last Confucian: Liang Shu-ming and the Chinese Dilemma of Modernity 2nd ed. (University of California Press, 1986).


  • Introduction to East Asian Civilizations: China (Autumn 2005)
  • History of Modern China (Winter 2006)
  • Readings in Literary Chinese (Winter 2006)
  • Modern China (Spring 2006)
  • Reading Qing Documents (Spring 2004)


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